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Dear all,
We will be slowly closing this instance. Mastodon is a great tool, but not for the goals we have in our agenda. Our activity will be run through at

So, if anybody wants to take over this instance and its domain, we will be happy to pass it -- you only need to provide hosting and someone to manage technical part of transition.

Please contact us through the email

OK, i am officially out from here. Please follow me, if you wish so at

I am starting migrating my followed list to hubzilla location.

Frontaal Naakt: *The sex worker’s guide to the internet* by @petrakramer

"So here we are, the supposed land of the free first got rid of net neutrality and then it came for the content of advertisements. Backpage got seized because they allowed #sexworkers to advertise their business. *gasp*

Luckily this is the internet and the internet interprets censorship as damage and it routes around it. And I am here to teach you how to do that."

cc @MistressEmelia for boostin

If only we could combine US praxis with European reflection...

"Answer meaningfully or face dada" is my battle cry for today. 😉

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ATT SW's: Now it is more important than ever before, PARTICULARLY in this industry, to hold onto your right to privacy and be informed. This guide to becoming as anonymous as possible online will take you literally 10 minutes to complete but it is worth it. Even if you are to just read how your data is used...

PLS BOOST - this will help people looking for more anonymous ways of working on the web. 💕💕

Bashing trolls with weaponised poetry. Show more

Bashing trolls with weaponised poetry. Show more

Fact checking: over decades I user to read and hear about the practice of rewarding children (with medals, ribbons, diplomas etc. symbolic ways) practically for anything -- to keep the motivation up and to avoid the situation where just a few kid would play the stars, leaving others behind.
Now, I am looking for confirmation, whether that was really ubiquitous and to what extent. Also, if there are any researches on long-term effects of such policies, in terms of social attitude.

Help, anybody?

They can destroy our homes, but we can rebuild them. They can't destroy our dreams, neither can they evict a movment.

Images showing destruction by the state in la #ZAD and people just rebuilding what they have lost.

impressions from hudge demonstration in #Catalonia against #spain 's efford to opress those wanting catalonia indipendent from spain's gov.

'We are European citizens who just want to live in peace, free and without fear #UsVolemACasa '
- Puigdemont

15,000 people were rebuilding the ZAD this weekend, that is awesome!!

So, I guess #Mastodon is like an unending river of (interesting?) content that is continuously flowing by, and you have to quickly grab something from the stream to take a closer look or interact with it.
#Hubzilla is more about creating focused groups and forums, for a slower, more in-depth kind of interaction around specific activities, topics or projects.



In the middle of preparation to the tour, the of one our members dropped dead. So, as we have all our resoulces in form, we are looking for a way to finance new laptop ( X230 or very close to it):
-- someone willing to buy from us 300 FairCoins at the official rate.
-- someone willing to sell us such laptop fo FairCoins.
-- someone willing to buy such laptop on eBay and take refunding in FairCoins.
OBO. :-)

En medio de la preparación para la gira del taller de aerogeneradores, el portátil de uno de nuestros miembros cayó muerto. Así que, como tenemos todos nuestros recursos en forma de , estamos buscando una forma de financiar un nuevo portátil ( X230 o muy cerca de él):
-- Alguien dispuesto a comprar 300 Faircoins a la tarifa oficial.
-- Alguien dispuesto a vendernos un portátil para FairCoins.
-- Alguien dispuesto a comprar un portátil en eBay y recibir un reembolso en FairCoins.
O algunas otras ideas.