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Green Tools Website

Our first full-scale customer site is on air! Green Tools Tech is a small social enterprise, designing and making tools for permaculture and regenerative farming. The founder, Bruno Motik, is experienced permaculture practitioner and teacher, now turned constructor and manufacturer.

See GTT here.

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Chip in for better hosting!

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Together with sister pages (Walkaway Coop and “Political Is Personal”) we are now hosted for free in various places. Help us rent a virtual server with a lot of space for a year, so we can expand our content and offer webmastering services to others.


85 Euro — minimal hosting plan

125 Euro — better hosting plan (see the picture)

160 Euro — better hosting plan with backup option.

So far we have 58 Euro — we are close to the first goal. Help us close the gap!

For Paypal or card donation, use buttons below. For cryptocoins or bank transfer, see at the footer of every page.

Webmastering services

As the first paid service we offer webmastering services for activist groups, communities and individuals.

Currently the offer includes

  • Setting up WordPress CMS system.
  • Configuration according to the needs of the user.
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting.

Service is paid on the solidarity basis. You just send a donation, as much as you can/wish. The income is used to sustain people who do the job. Any surplus will be used to develop Walkaway Coop.

We do not offer hosting, nor commercial services, but we can recommend good (and socially-oriented) providers.

Walkaway Coop Zagreb

What is it all about?

The idea of cooperative space for makers is nothing new. Under various names: makerlab, makerspace, fablab and many others, it appears and spreads all over the world.

In Zagreb, there is no such place yet. Radiona and Hacklab Medica are the only permanent places, but they are small scale and more focused on high-tech activity.

Hacklab in Mama is out of operation and never was permanent. More like weekly gatherings than a facility.

BicPop (Zelena Akcija) is probably closest to the idea, but highly specialised
and open for the public only on Thursdays.

After less than two months of my stay in Zagreb I felt that there is a place here for a facility that would:

  • Serve as a meeting and cowork space for everyone who wants to do useful things with their hands and minds (with strong bias towards outcome in material form).
  • Gradually become a cooperative community, based on mutual help and common pool resources, managed as a work cooperative.
  • Be focused on socially important activity, empowering local and intentional communities, providing them with technical solutions of real problems.
  • Provide participants with a way to make their living in a friendly, cooperative and self-managed environment.
  • Start a “bubble” of solidarity economy, focused on human needs and equality, instead of profit and wealth concentration.

I started talking to people I met here, and some of them became interested. As I write it now, there are approximately 8 persons who declared some interest in this idea. I hope for more, of course. 🙂

So I decided to open a mailing list (doubling as a web forum) to invite you all — and your friends if you bring them. Let us start co-creating this place and community.

General list of priorities (timeline) is:

  1. Get enough people on board (6-10 people committed on a weekly basis, plus a “cloud” of supporting persons)
  2. Create some minimal “rules of the house” and general program of activity. I will soon write about existing proposals in this respect.
  3. Find a temporary place, where we could meet on the regular basis, keep
    tools and materials and start making things together.
  4. Gradually build minimal necessary “structure” and look for financing,
    always keeping “content” ahead of “form”.

Please put your thoughts and comments below this text.

Also, if you wish to get involved, talk to us and register, so we all know how many people want to participate and in which capacity.

See you there!


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FreeRider Workshop — summary

Here’s a handful of snapshots from the workshop we had yesterday in Sindikat Biciklista.

My thanks to everyone who came and those who helped remotely.

While we did not close the budget gap (further donations welcome, of course), the main goal was achieved: several people from different walks of life met yesterday and worked shoulder-to-shoulder for couple hours, learning how to build essential part of community infrastructure.

We hope (funding permitting) that we’ll be able to launch new editions of FreeRider workshop early next year. We also plan new construction to be presented: aluminium EasyRider trailer, simple woodstove accessories and more.

Stay tuned!

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FreeRider DIY workshop


Learn how to build your own bicycle trailer, using cheap materials and simple tools.


Sunday, 16 of December, starts at 10:00 (will take approximately 6 hours in total)


Sindikat Biciklista, Ribnjak 3, Zagreb, Croatia (map here)

What else?

Number of people: 6-10.

Cost: Entrance free, There will be a donation box available (and a transparent budget report) and some other opportunities to support our work.

Language: English & Croatian.

Registration form is here.

Petar Poljak & The Walkaways invite you for the first edition of the FreeRider DIY workshop. You will learn how to build your own lightweight bicycle trailer, able to carry four crates of beer (or anything equally exciting and heavy).

We will meet on Sunday, 16th of December, at 10:00 in the offices of Sindikat Biciklista, Ribnjak 3, Zagreb, Croatia (map here).  The workshop will take approximately 6 hours, including time for conversation, tea/coffee and maybe some cookies.

The workshop will host 6-10 people. The donation box will be available to cover budget of the workshop and our future work.

We will use English and Croatian languages.

FreeRider is an open source construction, available for everybody to build freely.

The workshop group will be small, 6-10 participants.To book a place, please register here.

If you want to help spreading the word, please print this PDF  and put it on some wall around you, so people can see it.

FreeRider DIY v. 1 online!


With pleasure we announce that the OSAT documentation for FreeRider bicycle trailer is available online here:

This documentation and its all future versions will always be available freely, under CC-BY-SA licence.

We are right now preparing first series of open workshops, teaching people how to build such trailers. First edition is planned in December 2018 in Zagreb, Croatia (stand by for announcement). Later we plan to arrange a series of workshops in the Balkans.

Talk to us, if you want to participate.





n. Person opting out from mainstream life (see: default), pursuing happiness, fulfillment and sense of life through participation in self-organised intentional communities, outside of capitalist bubble.

v. Act of defecting from default.


“Look, there are as many walkaway philosophies as there are walkaways, but mine is, ‘the stories you tell come true.’ If you believe everyone is untrustworthy, you’ll build that into your systems so that even the best people have to act like the worst people to get anything done. If you assume people are okay, you live a much happier life.”

Cory Doctorow, Walkaway

“If you walked away from a toxic, negative, abusive, one-sided, dead-end low vibrational relationship or friendship — you won.”
Lalah Delia

“The chains that break you, are the chains that make you. And the chains that make you, are the chains you break.”
Anthony Liccione

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In the beginning, there was The Book.

“There are lots of ways to be superhuman. You can trick others into thinking that unless they do what you tell them, they won’t eat. You can cajole people into doing what you want by making them fear god or the cops, or making them feel guilty or angry. “The best way to be superhuman is to do things that you love with other people who love them, too. The only way to do that is to admit you’re doing it because you love it and if you do more than everyone, you’re still only doing that because that’s what you choose.”
Cory Doctorow, Walkaway

This book can be taken as a blueprint for solidarity economy, powered by open source appropriate technology. It is idealised, of course, in the techno-optimistic sense. But this story is not about technology (as it is usual with GOOD science fiction stories). It is about people and their existential interaction with technology.

And there is nothing wrong with idealisation — the only place where you can actually reach the horizon would be a flat Earth. As The Book says…

“Everyone failed to live up to their own ideals. She wanted to fall short of the best ideals.”
So do I. And you are invited to join.

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